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December Car of the Month - 2020 Seat Ibiza FR Sport TSI

Seat Ibiza Performance Increase

2020 Seat Ibiza FR With A CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box:
Power increased from 113 to 141 BHP
Torque increased from 200 to 250 NM 

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The Seat Ibiza is a great hatchback to buy if you want a mixture of practicality and fun. Frugal amounts of power and torque are packed into this little 1.0 litre engine. It isn't slow by any means. The owner of this one purchased it using a finance agreement. It needs to be handed back in the same condition it was new. This calls for a modification like no other, one that leaves no digital or physical trace. The TDI-Tuning Box.

Seat Ibiza Rear

What is the Seat Ibiza like?

The Seat Ibiza FR Sport TSI is a sporty choice in the hatchback class. Although it has a 1.0 litre engine, it still packs a punch. It also has style on its side. The sleek and stylish bodywork curves and details make it stand out amongst the competition. A competition where several other makes/models have made a name for themselves. This car competes with the likes of the Ford Fiesta and the Renault Clio, so it's no easy contest. This superb looking hatchback has plenty of tricks up its sleeve in its battle for superiority. Space is a big selling point, this Ibiza is one of the largest cars in its class, giving it a spacious and roomy feel in the driving seat. The driving position is another key selling point. It is comfortable, but, the positioning feels sporty and hunkered down. These key points are nothing compared to the engineering masterpiece under the bonnet. How can such a small engine create such an exciting drive?!

Seat Ibiza Front

The engine: Driving the Seat Ibiza

The best thing about the Seat Ibiza is that it is very fun to drive. The chassis is well equipped to deal with anything you can throw at it. The suspension is a tad bumpy, but it's made up for when you throw this car into a corner. There seems to be unlimited levels of grip, even when you enter a corner too fast. Best of all, it's powered by a small 1.0 litre engine. That same engine pushes out 113 BHP and 148 Lb/Ft. Some pretty big figures for a little car. Considering it doesn't weigh much, it feels punchy. The engine also gives off a nice rumbling noise that matches the amount of power perfectly. The owner of this particular Seat Ibiza loved his car, but wanted a small power boost. Something that wasn't going to affect his finance agreement when he gives the car back. So, the only logical choice is a TDI-Tuning Box, as it means you are completely safe.

Seat Ibiza Wheel

The simple-to-install tuning solution

All TDI-Tuning Boxes are traceless once removed from the vehicle. This means that cars with warranty, or finance agreements running, can still be tuned. After a short 15-minute install, the owner of this Seat benefits from a significant power increase. Although there is only so much power this 1.0 litre engine is capable of producing, there is room for improvement. The owner of this one felt there was a massive improvement low down in the revs, the car picks up much faster. It doesn't feel as hesitant as it once did. Before this Seat Ibiza goes back to the finance company, all that needs to be done is a quick 15-minute removal. The car is then back to its standard form, leaving no digital or physical evidence behind. Once the tuning box is taken off, it can then be reprogrammed onto another car. Ready to improve the speed and performance yet again.

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