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Mercedes 220d Engine Recall

Mercedes facing scruitiny over a "Defeat Device" noticed on serveral models 

If you own a Mercedes then this post is worth reading, as it contains important information relating to your vehicle. The German government has ordered car maker Daimler (who own Mercedes) to recall 238,000 vehicles in Germany, however, a staggering 774,000 vehicles are believed to have been affected. The cars are being recalled due to a “Defeat Device” being fitted to them, meaning the emissions are not meeting EU regulations. The 220d engines have been put under scrutiny, engines that are present in the Mercedes GLC, C-Class, and the Vito.

So, what does this mean for you? The way VW fixed their emissions was by updating the software, like an update on your mobile phone. But unlike a phone update where you gain new features and increased speed, this update restricted the car’s power delivery as it had to restrict the amount of NOx being produced. The transport ministry currently only have the authority to force recalls in Germany, but these recalls are expected to roll out across Europe any time soon.

Harcus Sinclair conducted a survey that brought to light 53% of drivers that had their car “fixed”, reported reduced fuel efficiency. More than 40% also suffered from reduced power and acceleration…

So how do TDI-Tuning come into this?

We can restore your power output back to where it once was (and improve it further), without putting the vehicle under any extra strain, as our tuning boxes do not take the car past where the manufacturer intended. Your cars ECU is always in full control of what your car is doing at any given time, and your ECU is produced by the vehicles manufacturer. Emissions are also improved upon, the engine and components are put under less strain to get up to speed. Enabling up to 20% better emission figures alongside up-to 40% power improvements.

TDI Tuning have been producing bespoke tuning boxes for 14 years. We have over 6000 custom maps available for a vast range of vehicles. Each map over the years has had to evolve and adapt to new engine types and new technologies. Our team of technical experts are consistently changing the software we load onto our tuning boxes to stay up to date with every new manufacturer adjustment! 


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