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Economy is becoming an important factor in the motoring world today. Electric cars are starting to hit the production line and fuel prices are being scrutinised as they rise higher than ever before. Here at TDI-Tuning we are devoted to finding the best performance map settings for a wide variety of cars. When we say "Performance" we do not just mean “More Power”. Finding the harmonious balance between power and economy is something that is of vital importance to us. We take a closer look at economy in our video and this article. Read on to find out more!


TDI-Tuning get loads of questions about the fuel efficiency effects of a tuning box. With diesel engines the TDI-Tuning box will improve fuel economy if you don't drive like Lewis Hamilton everywhere you go. The way diesels are built enable them to function more efficiently at lower revs than petrol engines. This is the main reason why diesels can be made more efficient with the help of a TDI-Tuning box. It is a fact that with diesel engines the tuning box improves fuel economy. This happens by letting the driver of the vehicle engage a higher gear sooner. Meaning less physical force exerted on the engine.

However, our technical team tell us this improved fuel efficiency is not guaranteed for petrol engines. Lots of our customers online have even been stating that they are getting better MPG even on petrol engines but we do not claim this to be true! We decided to take the opportunity to try and prove this with a little unscientific test of our own. So we set out to the countryside to try and prove/disprove what our customers were stating. Does a TDI-Tuning box really improve fuel economy on a petrol engine?

The science behind a petrol engine potentially being more fuel efficient is the same as with a diesel engine – the extra power lets the engine sit more comfortably in a higher gear. We just needed to test it out.

Here at TDI-Tuning our ethos is: It's very important to listen to our customers and take on board what is being said. With that in mind we wanted to dive deeper into the economy debate to settle a few things. Testing our product is something we are not unfamiliar with. We perform regular testing to ensure our tuning box remains a market leading product. Testing means software development and real world road testing. For the purposes of this test we headed out to the British countryside in search of answers! We gathered up everything we needed to "scientifically" test these claims and headed out in the British countryside. The route we decided upon, a 4.4 mile circuit, worked perfectly to perform our test. It combined some straight stretches of road along with some twisty bits. The planned test went as followed:


1) Arrive at the location.

2) Spend 20 minutes complaining about how cold it was.

3) Run the test car (Mini Cooper) to 0 miles on the tripmeter.

4) Drive the Mini until it runs out of fuel and take note of the miles.

5) Fill the Mini back up and get the tripmeter to 0 again.

6) Turn the tuning box on and repeat the test.



We didn't know what to expect, so the results would be a genuine surprise for us as well. As mentioned we do not claim that the petrol tuning boxes we offer mean more fuel economy. So even if we spent the day out and we proved that it was indeed worse, it doesn't really matter.

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