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February Car of the Month - 2022 BWM M235i X-Drive

BMW M235i Tuning

2022 BMW M235i X-Drive 302 BHP With A CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box:
Power increased from 302 to 362 BHP
Torque increased from 450 to 518 NM 

The M235i X-Drive. A sensational performance car with amazing handling, a plush interior, and, enough space for a small family. But, if you feel the driving experience isn't quite engaging enough, what do you do? We have a tune that will ensure that's never the case. A tune that means every time you step out after a drive, there is a gleaming smile on your face.

Was there ever a need for this car? In short, yes.

Vehicle manufacturers are coming up with new and exciting cars every single year. Even if they don't fit into the predefined & stereotypical target demographics. BMW are the same, they love bringing out cars that are outlandish, and sometimes even downright silly (Please see front grill the BMW 7 series & X7). The 2 series is one of those cars that nobody ever asked for, but it's great that you can get one! As it's based on the 1 series platform it shares the same engines and technology. Although, you can get the 2 series in the X-Drive version. Under the bonnet it has a 2.0 turbocharged petrol engine that has 302 BHP at its disposal.

Does this car have any competition?

The new Honda Civic Type R has 306 BHP. The Mercedes A45 AMG has 360 BHP. Finally, the Audi S3 has 296 BHP. The thing that’s in common with all these cars, is that they are all classed as 'Hot Hatchbacks'. This doesn't sit well with us. This BMW M235i is a 'Coupe'. Meaning it needs to offer a few things on top of a hatchback. More space, more tech, and above all else, more power! The standard BMW M235i X-Drive has 302 BHP. To compete with cars in its own class, it needs a small and easy to fit modification to increase performance and improve driving enjoyment.

BMW M235i Tuning Box

2022 BMW M235i performance modification

The well refined 2.0 litre engine present in this BMW has undergone rigorous testing and development. The gearbox in this automatic 8-speed version is incredible. It's fast, but it's not jerky. BMW have considered in depth what this car should feel like when you are driving it. It feels planted and powerful. You might be thinking, why would you need to change anything about this brilliant car? More performance from your car is something that might not be on the forefront of your mind. It might be because modifications concern you, especially when the car is new, like this 2022 BMW.

Traceless performance

Certain modifications are available for a new car like this, that are removable. They will not leave a physical or digital trace behind. We are of course referring to the TDI-Tuning Box (We also tune Petrol and Hybrid). The chip tuning box on this BMW M235i tunes the engine to a whopping 362 BHP. The amount of power expected form a luxurious coupe like this one. So now you can keep up with the hottest of hatches, like the A45 AMG.

BMW M235i Wheel

Is it really traceless though? I’m worried about my warranty!

We can understand that there might be a healthy amount of scepticism surrounding the tuning box. We would like to put your mind at ease. A vast majority of our customer base is for brand new vehicles like this 2022 M235i. Because the owner of this 2022 BMW M235i is still well within his BMW manufacturer warranty, it has to be traceless. It is a huge key selling point for the TDI-Tuning Box. All you need to do is remove the tuning box before servicing, maintenance, and warranty work. We know, it's a big deal that it definitely can't be proven, that's why we stand by the fact that it is, traceless once removed. There is no possible way that it can be conclusively proven that a tuning box was ever there. Take a look at some of our previous 'Power Club' articles, a vast majority of them feature nearly-new cars. Some of them 'eye-wateringly' expensive.

BMW M235i Tuning App

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