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How to win a TDI-Tuning competition

TDI-Tuning loves giving back to its customers. We wouldn't have been able to become the highest ranked tuning box companies in the UK without our customers, so to say a little thank you, we ran a competition in the previous weeks asking for photos of our customers installs.

We were amazed with the response, over 100 customers sent us photos of their cars! So, to give you, our customers, the best chance at winning next time, we thought we would give you some helpful pointers how to win a TDI-Tuning competition...

how to win tdi


Photo 1: Show off your car

You wouldn't have anything to tune if you didn't have the most important thing for car tuning... your car. That's why we want to see it! For this photo, we don't even need a special location or angle, in fact, a photo of where you installed the tuning box is perfectly fine! On your driveway? At the park? Down the supermarket? Anywhere is fine, we want to see a photo of your car! Take a look at some of the excellent photos from our last competition.

show off your car

Photo 2: Share your install

We don't say in our instructions where to install your tuning box in the engine bay. Although, we do have some general tips available here. The reason for this? Because everyone wants different things from their installs. Stealth? Easy to access? Proud and prominent? We want to see it! How did you install your tuning box? A few photos of the tuning box visible in your engine bay. If it's hidden away, show us where, we have seen some amazing stealth installs in the past and would love to see your imaginative ideas.

Share your install

Photo 3: Get creative

A car isn't a stationary object... when you are using it. We want to see what adventures you've taken with your car. Somewhere scenic? A long coastal drive? Wherever you have taken your car we would love to see. The whole point of a TDI-Tuning Box is to give your engine more performance and improve your fuel efficiency. Show us where you have been enjoying all the extra power! Some of our customers take their cars abroad, some on insane road trips, what about yours?

get creative

Any other photos?

If you think you have more photos of your car that we would love to see, don't be shy, send them to us! Depending what you use your car for can depend on what you can send. Camper vans camping? Track cars tracking? Work cars... working? Tractors farming? We have collected a few ideas below so we can spark some inspiration within you...

  • Action shots - Taken your car on a track or have some photos of it in action? We would love to see that, make sure you don't run over your camera though!
  • Interior shots - Although a lot of a cars beauty is on the outside, some interiors are worthy of a snap too! Funky footwell lights? Cool dials?
  • Night-time shots - Sometimes this can be difficult, but with enough patience we have seen some amazing lighting effects in the dark. Yes, your iPhone camera is definitely good enough.Group shots - Do you and a group of friends all have tuning boxes installed? Amazing! Show us your group photos, car meets are welcome.
  • Dyno shots - Taken your car onto a dyno? We welcome our customers to prove our performance gains. Plus, a car on a dyno is always a cool photo.

Remember, the goal is to showcase your car or van while highlighting the TDI-Tuning Box. What memories have you created while driving this year? Capture that emotion in a photo, we want to share them with you.

Running competitions is something we thoroughly enjoy doing, it probably won’t be long until we are running another one. Keep an eye on our socials and on your emails for the next one! Good luck!