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July Car of the Month - BMW X5 - Modball Rally

BMW X5 Mod Ball

BMW X5 Race to Ibiza

TDI-Tuning develop and sell tuning boxes individually programmed for each specific vehicle, this ensures every engine is tuned to the highest standards within the safe limits of the ECU. As all TDI-Tuning products and maps are developed in-house by our technical department we are able to tweak certain parameters of the maps to ensure our customers get the most out of their vehicles.

This process requires extensive research and development with all new engines brought to the market. A new test for our TDI-Tuning tuning box has been thrust upon us though! A rally across Europe with some of the worlds most exotic supercars... Thanks to this TDI-Tuning customer we are now all in race mode!


BMW X5 Mod Ball

Modball Rally 2017

The Modball Rally is an exclusive race across Europe for Modball Club Members. From the start line in London Modball contestants race down to the Mediterranean stopping at exclusive spots on the way; Luxembourg, Geneva, Monaco, and Barcelona were all invaded by performance vehicles for a night this time round.

TDI-Tuning have had plenty of BMW X5s in the shop but this one had a special mission to complete. Wrapped fluorescent orange and covered in sponsor decals this X5 was ready to race and the owner didn’t want to be late for each stop of the exclusive Modball club nights.

Has there ever been a greater test for a TDI-Tuning tuning box than keeping pace with countless Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s on this European epic? Would the tuning box be able to turn this big diesel into a responsive racer?


BMW X5 Mod Ball

Race Ready

The pictures provided to TDI-Tuning by our Modball customer speak for themselves as the tuning box ready BMW X5 sits alongside a who’s who of performance vehicles. With the tuning box installed turbo lag was greatly reduced, power was greatly increased and a refined driving experience was achieved through more torque at lower revs.

With our CRTD4 MULTI-Channel Tuning Box installed:-

Power was increased from 254 to 320 BHP

Torque was increased from 560 to 650 NM


BMW X5 Mod Ball

TDI-Tuning at the Races

This is not the first time a TDI-Tuning box has been used in a continental rally! A TDI-Tuning box was employed by team Jaos for the Asia Cross Country Rally last year.

Storming through South East Asia from Thailand to Cambodia the rally tested the endurance and power of entrant’s vehicles. The Toyota Hilux is a frequently tuned model in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand especially so TDI-Tuning were in prime position to offer expertise to this racing team. 


BMW X5 Mod Ball

Plug and Play Tuning for Your Vehicle

The TDI-Tuning products used by race teams and on fun rallies are the exact same as those our customers can buy. We tune every vehicle to its safe potential, unleashing the power trapped in your vehicle by the standard ECU.

If you have one of over 6000+ vehicle variants we provide engine tuning solutions for and want to experience race-ready power safely in your vehicle then you need to contact TDI-Tuning now. 

Use our simple vehicle finder on our site now, start a live chat session or call us on the number at the top of the page.

BMW X5 Mod Ball