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June Car of the Month - Porsche Macan

Porsche chip tuning

Porsche Macan with CRTD4 Twin Channel Diesel Tuning System.

With our CRTD4 Twin Channel Diesel Tuning Box installed:
Power was increased from 254 BHP to 320 BHP 
Torque was increased from 580 NM to 673 NM

We were thrilled to welcome this Porsche Macan 3.0 V6 into our Chelmsford branch this month. A seriously stunning car with fantastic off and on road capabilities. The Sapphire Blue metallic colour tied in with the 21” 911 Turbo design wheels makes for one beautiful combination. The Porsche Macan has grown in popularity since it’s release in 2014. It’s a very well rounded car, with a luxurious interior and a fantastic 7-speed gearbox. You might be asking yourself at this point, where’s the catch? There might not be any notable issues with the cars itself – we absolutely love it and so does the owner. But have Porsche made a massive mistake with one element of this vehicle?

Porsche tdi tuning

Before we begin to talk about the pressing problem Porsche may have caused themselves – lets talk a little about the car. Having the opportunity to work on cars like this Porsche is a great privilege. Our custom tuning boxes are designed to work with the most refined engines in the automotive industry. And this Porsche Macan is no exception. The brilliantly engineered engine produces a good amount of power as standard and the smooth yet rapid gearchanges are another excellent attribute. These factors and more all add up to a near perfect vehicle, practicality will never be a problem and it ticks every other box. But. As mentioned above we do think there is an underlying issue with something Porsche have decided upon, so let’s get right to it.

No more Diesel engines in the new Macan. They have stopped production. If you have bottomless pockets (congratulations by the way) then the Petrol variant seems to be the one to go for anyway, but what if you don’t!? The Diesel V6 present in this Porsche is the last of it’s kind. This means they have drastically cut the number of potential customers lining up for the new Macan right? A choice that may have been made due to the recent “Dirty Diesel” news story’s and new congestion charges around London. Whatever the reasoning, the end result remains – no more Diesel! One thing is for sure though, owning a Porsche Macan wasn’t a cheap thing to do in the first place, now it’s even more expensive! But that’s enough about the financial burdens this car may cause, most people are going to care more about the performance. Along with the performance increase the TDI-Tuning box can achieve.

Macan engine tuning

The Porsche Macan is a phenomenal car to drive and own. Starting with the excellent interior cabin. Build quality is exactly as you would expect, flawless. The infotainment screens are nice and clear and the buttons around the gear selector are beautifully laid out and easy to access. The steering wheel feels good in your hands and Porsche haven’t overloaded it with buttons – so it’s sleek and tidy. It really does have a lot to boast about inside, even the leather feels plush and the seats are very comfortable to sit in. What more can you ask for!? As you move to the exterior of the car, the feature lines and eye-catching colour combinations dazzle you. We would even go as far to say this car is mesmerising – a real stunner of the automotive world. It would be hard to improve upon this masterclass of engineering and build quality. But there is one addition that this Macan can add to it’s arsenal to further improve. The TDI-Tuning box.

automatic porsche chip tuning

The engine produces a modest 254 BHP and 580 NM as standard. Lovely. However, many critics online are stating the engine just doesn’t have enough power behind it – at least for the diesel variant. Now before we continue we understand you can’t really compare a Diesel with a Petrol engine, as they both serve different purposes and cater for different people. The Petrol is always going to sound more exuberant than the Diesel counterpart. The power gap between the two is always going to be a void that cannot be filled – but it can be lessened. What if there was a solution to increase the maximum power output to bring the Diesel closer to the Petrol? Well you are not going to believe this, but there is! Amazingly, as if by magic the TDI-tuning box comes into play and you are looking at an additional 66 BHP. With our traceless tuning box the Porsche Macan V6 is taken from 254 BHP to to 320 BHP! Only 34 behind the Petrol. We haven’t even touched on the torque figures yet. 508NM is increased to 673 NM. So not only is the Porsche going to pull of the line quicker it now has the ability to venture into the higher rev ranges to maximise performance. The TDI-Tuning box completely transforms the car and what it’s like to drive. Power can now be felt where it was not there before. A true masterpiece.

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