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June Car Of The Month - Volvo V60 Polestar

Volvo V60

Multi-Channel Tuning The Volvo V60 Polestar

TDI-Tuning develops and sells tuning boxes individually programmed for each specific vehicle, this ensures every engine is tuned to the highest standards within the safe limits of the ECU. With all TDI-Tuning products and maps being developed in-house by our technical department we are able to tweak certain parameters of the maps to ensure our customers get the most out of their vehicles.

This process requires extensive research and development with all new engines brought to the market. For the past few months, we have been conducting further developments of our CRTD4 MULTI-Channel Tuning Box system for the Volvo V60 Polestar.


Volvo V60


Volvo, Polestar and TDI-Tuning

The Volvo brand has always been associated with safety and durability, Polestar complemented this by finding numerous ways for their engine line-up to produce more power. With a full racing team to develop and test their adaptations, Polestar Cyan Racing and the Polestar have become synonymous with high performance Volvo vehicles. 

With Polestar upgrading the mechanics for their high performance Volvo models and offering these as Volvo Polestar production vehicles TDI-Tuning are able to unleash the new potential of the vehicle. Taking a vehicle already tuned for performance and building on it via ECU modifications produces stunning results. 7 TDI-Tuning custom maps take the Polestar V60 to another level.


Volvo V60


Dyno Proven Results For Our CRTD4 MULTI-Channel Tuning Systems

At TDI-Tuning, we work closely with independent Dyno centres in England allowing us to test our tuning boxes throughout the development stages. Having the ability to test all our products at every stage allows us to sell our tuning boxes all over the world without the need for a dyno as part of the installation. Our CRTD4 MULTI-Channel Tuning Box makes live adjustments to the turbo map creating more power, a smoother drive and reducing turbo lag from the engine all while working within the safe limits set by the ECU. 

With our CRTD4 MULTI-Channel Tuning Box installed:-

Power was increased from 345 to 414 PS

Torque was increased from 500 to 565 NM


Volvo V60


Working With Our Customers

The owner of this V60 has been into our head office in Chelmsford, Essex numerous times throughout the development stages of this box. After the recent service of this vehicle Volvo have updated the software on the ECU. If this customer had a remap then this would mean a whole new purchase but with our tuning boxes the customer was able to remove our system before taking the vehicle into Volvo. Now with the updated Volvo software he’s brought the car back to us and we can adjust our tuning map to ensure the best and safest tuning box is active on their CRTD4 system.


Volvo V60


Plug And Play Tuning For Volvo And Much More

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