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December Car of the Month - Mercedes Vito Taxi

Mercedes Vito Taxi


This cabbie spends all day in his Mercedes Vito and obviously covers the miles. He wanted to make his cab easier and more enjoyable to drive so additional power and torque will definitely achieve this. Long motorway journeys are less stressful on the engine as the extra power means the vehicle sits in a lower rev range. Around town the extra acceleration and off the line grunt makes nipping through the streets a cinch. 

The CRTD4 system also smooths out power delivery and removes gearing flat spots so the overall responsiveness is greatly improved. The vehicle feels livelier and more eager.  

Another huge benefit of the CRTD4 system is the driver will see an improvement of up to 20% in fuel economy. As a cabbie this is greatly appreciated, especially as miles mean money! In fact the system will pay for itself in a matter of weeks! 

And finally reliability. Do all of these improvements mean that you spending every day with the bonnet open? Definitely not! The CRTD4 system does not make any permanent modifications to the vehicle, and crucialy, the engines ECU remains untouched. This means the ECU is always in control of engine management so any every component will continue to run within its usual safety parameters.  

Mercedes Vito Taxi


After a free fitting at our Chelmsford HQ the customer was shown around his newly tuned cab and taken out for a test drive. On the test drive our technician analyses the fuelling and performance gains, making adjustments depending on the drivers preference for economy or performance. 

For the Mercedes Vito Cab Power has been increased by 44 HP and torque increased by 73 NM- along with a smoother, more responsive delivery through the rev range. Fuel economy has also been improved by up to 20%.

Performance figures:
Power Increased From 136 HP to 180 HP
Torque Increased From 330 NM to 403 NM
MPG Increased up to 20%

Mercedes Vito Taxi


The CRTD4 system is on and running and the reports back from the customer are glowing! The cab feels nippier, crisper, and with power in reserve. Overall it feels like a totally new vehicle. Should the owner need to sell the vehicle then the system can be removed so that it can be sold as totally original. 

Once the system is removed it is also possible to send it back to us and have it reprogrammed to fit your new vehicle, saving you the cost of a new system.

If you have any garage work on the cards then worry not! The system can be removed 10 minutes before taking it in to the dealer. The system will simply unplug and return the car to its original condition, presenting the mechanic working on it with a totally standard vehicle. No trace of the system will be left behind.

15 years of development and engineering by TDI-Tuning have led to a tuning system that offers huge gains and can be used every day no matter the age, cost, or use. Now every vehicle can improved- from a Taxi to a Testarossa!  

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Mercedes Vito Taxi