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February Car Of The Month - Ford Focus ST 2.0L Diesel

Ford Focus ST

Triple-Channel Tuning The Ford Focus ST 2.0L Diesel

TDI-Tuning provide tuning box systems that are individually programmed for each and every vehicle / engine combination that they are to be used in, it's one of the thing that sets our systems apart in the marketplace with our systems giving maximum performance gains whilst maintaining total engine compatibility due to the customised software. 

This requires extensive research and development by our technical team in order to keep up to date our database of over 6000+ tuning maps, a database which covers a range of vehicles and engines in the domestic, commercial, leisure, agricultural and marine sectors. This month we've been working closely with the owner of this 2016 Ford Focus ST Diesel to develop the Triple Channel software of our flagship CRTD4 Tuning system for the Focus ST model and below we talk a little more about how we create this software and the fantastic results we achieved.


Ford Focus ST

Dyno Proven Results For Our Tuning Systems

Focus ST Diesels from 2015 onwards require specifically the TRIPLE Channel version of our tuning box system due to the sensitive nature of their ECU systems.  With TRIPLE Channel technology our system utilises cam position sensor data combined with fuel and boost sensor data to precisely control the air/fuel ratios in the combustion chamber, this level of control ensures our system is fully compatible with the engine whilst maximising performance.

A large part of the development process on all new engines is dyno testing the new tuning map and so after development this Focus ST was taken to an independent dyno centre for performance measuring. We always need to measure output prior to installation as many vehicles actually underperform as standard direct from the factory floor, this Focus was under producing torque as standard and this shows in the initial dyno chart. After installation and with our CRTD4 Triple Channelsystem in use the dyno results clearly show an impressive 71.8 Nm (19%) improvement, going above and beyond the quoted factory figures and returning this engine to optimum performance.


Ford Focus ST

Redefined Vehicle Performance 

Above you can see our TRIPLE Channel system fitted to the engine via our proprietary engine harness, connecting our tuning box system to the common rail fuel sensor, boost sensor and the cam position sensor. These data feeds provide the information our cutting edge system needs in order to redefine vehicle performance across the gear ranges.

With our CRTD4 Tuning Box installed:-

Power was increased from 192 to 228 PS

Torque was increased from 378 to 450 NM


Ford Focus ST

Working With Customers To Produce The Best Tuning Box Systems

We have to thank the owner of this vehicle for working with us to develop our new system, whilst never having used one of our systems before they were easily convinced to allow us to use it for testing based on the extensive positive feedback our systems have received from the customers friends and fellow ST owners of older models.

Once all the work had been done and the customer finally got their chance to go for a test-drive they had this to say: “This vehicle has been completely transformed. The torque is immense and extra power makes such a difference. I wish I had come to you with my previous Focus ST".


Plug And Play Tuning For Ford Focus ST's And Many More

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