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October Car of the Month - Audi Q8 3.0 50 Quattro

Audi chip tuning

Audi Q8 3.0 50 Quattro 282 BHP With a CRTD4 SENT Triple Channel Tuning Box

With our CRTD4 SENT Triple Channel Tuning Box:
Power was increased from 282 to 350 BHP
Torque was increased from 620 to 707 NM 

Is the best Audi Q8 to buy also the cheapest one?

This month we are taking a closer look at the Audi Q8. A vehicle filled with tech, and, accompanied with unbeatable levels of comfort. Keep reading to find out why the best one to buy, might also be the cheapest, and the slowest!

chip tuning for audi

What engine should I go for?

This month we welcome the Audi Q8 to our headquarters in Chelmsford, Essex. The one pictured boasts the mid-range engine amongst the bunch. The diesel 3.0 45 Quattro sits below it, and, the petrol 3.0 55 Quattro sits above. The real comparison lies between the diesel engines available. We will go into more detail with regards to the engines in due course. But for now, we want to discuss money! The general consensus is that when you commit to buying anything, you want it to be as cheap as possible. Economic uncertainty has made a lot of people scrutinise their purchases even more than they normally would, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may be wondering at this point 'why we are even discussing finances'? Read more to discover how these financial queries affect your TDI-Tuning Box purchase.  Well, we have a few financial tips linked in with the automotive industry that you definitely want to hear about. It's going to save you money, without compromising the quality of your purchase. It's a win win!


bluetooth audi chip tuning

Where has my power gone?

We mentioned that this Audi Q8 pictured is the mid-range engine choice. Below it, a 3.0 diesel engine with 228 BHP. Above it, a 3.0 petrol engine with 355 BHP. Owners of the lower powered diesel engine have stated that it's underpowered. It also struggled to achieve good fuel efficiency as it is always struggling. Owners of the petrol engine have stated that it is great fun to drive. It's a bit of a gas guzzler though. So, the middle choice, the Audi Q8 3.0 50 Quattro is the logical one to go for. Or is it? The lower powered Audi Q8 in the range is the same engine, but with a different tune applied to it. This is a common practice across all manufacturers. They do this for several reasons, one being differing country emissions standards. But, another reason, marketing. If a manufacturer can offer the same engine, but with a different power output, they maximise their earnings from the same engine. No need to produce another engine. That would cost millions, use the same one and adjust the tune. Before we continue, if you aren't fussed about the fuel costs of the Petrol 3.0, then that would be the clear choice. It is going to sound better, it's also much more capable at the top end. Disclaimers over. How do you replace the missing power from the entry level Audi Q8?

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The savings start here, how can TDI-Tuning save you money?

If you haven't already guessed where this is going then we are going to give you one more clue. The solution comes in the form of a box a tiny bit bigger than a mobile phone. It connects to your engine sensors and optimises the readings. Any ideas? It's a TDI-Tuning Box. We offer a tuning box for all three engine variants in the Audi Q8 range. Along with the SQ8. On top of that, for the "Propper petrol heads". We also offer a tuning box for the Audi RSQ8. But the one that's important right now is the Audi Q8 3.0 45 Quattro with 228 BHP. The entry level diesel engine. Once this engine has recouped all the missing power, courtesy of the TDI-Tuning Box. It matches the power output of the mid range engine! The price difference between power outputs can range between £1000 up to £5000! So for the cost of a TDI-Tuning Box you can run the same power levels as the next engine available.


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