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October Car of the Month - Hyundai Kona N

Hyundai Kona N Tuning

Hyundai Kona N 276 BHP With A CRTD4 Multi Channel Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Tuning Box:
Power increased from 276 to 339 BHP
Torque increased from 392 to 459 NM 

This Hyundai Kona N mixes sporty characteristics with SUV style body. Yes, we know it's a Hyundai, but if the Toyota Yaris GR is anything to go by, all the manufacturers want a piece of the fast life. The normal Kona is by no means a bad car, it's a practical family mid-sized SUV, but this Kona N spices things up... quite a lot!

Hyundai tdi-tuning

With so many mid-sized SUV's flooding the market, it's getting harder and harder to pick one! This Hyundai Kona N has rivals. The rivals pack some serious heat as well, Ford Puma ST and the Cupra Formentor. Let's go over some stats. This Kona N, as standard, produces 276 BHP from a 2.0 litre engine that's turbocharged and given an 8-speed gearbox. Hyundai have done this properly, they have given it special suspension and an electronic limited-slip differential. It corners well, it's fast, it sounds good, and, it's big enough for the school run. It also comes with a red "NGS" button on the steering wheel. According to Hyndai, it gives you extra power, an over-boost button (Although only for 20 seconds). Whatever the result, who can resist a big red button on the steering wheel. Top marks Hyundai.

Kona N Engine Tuning

It's a front-wheel drive car, it has a 0-60 speed of 5.5 seconds, and it comes packed with options. In-fact, if you buy this car, there aren't any options, it comes with everything you need (Including a very nice heated steering wheel for the winter months). It doesn't weigh as much as you would think either, coming in at around 1500kg, so it feels agile in the corners, with minmal body roll. We asked for some owner comments after using the TDI-Tuning Box on the I30N and the Kona N, see what they had to say...

"The car is a different animal now, it torque steered before I installed the box, but now you have to be really careful when you plant your foot down. I have the tuning box in mode 4/7 most of the time, as mode 7 is just insane, although it is a lot of fun with all that power." - Hyundai Kona N Owner

"Honestly such a good investment, I installed the box 2 weeks before it had to go back to Hyundai as I didn't want to wait! The power is ridiculous. I quickly removed it before I took it back and the car is so boring to drive. Can't wait to get it back on again" - Hyundai I30N owner

Hyundai Kona N Alloy

With any new models like this one the high-power can soon feel very normal. Before you know it, you get used to the perfromance and start searching for something more. In the case of this Kona N, the owner opted for a tuning box. As it doesn't leave a digital or physical trace on the vehicle or engine, it's the obvious choice for a tuning modification. Some modifications are traceless once removed, an aftermarket air filter is fairly easy to take off if required. The TDI-Tuning Box is easy to install and remove, so if you want up to 20% more engine power in between services, this is the modification for you.

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