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A Revolution In Tuning - The Launch Of The CRTD4!

CRTD4 Tuning System In Engine Bay

TDI-Tuning, worldwide provider of innovative engine tuning solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its brand new, state of the art, CRTD4 Tuning Box System which is designed for use on modern turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines.

With cutting edge microprocessor based technology, the new CRTD4 system has been designed by our UK engineers from the ground up to safely produce outstanding increases in available engine power and torque across 6000+ vehicle variants as well as being so versatile it can be reprogrammed to be used time and time again on future vehicle purchases.

The Complete Engine Tuning Solution

CRTD4 Box Contents

The CRTD4 package our customers purchase is a complete tuning solution which comprises our CRTD4 Tuning Box System, custom engine connection harness and vehicle specific installation guide. This guide provides fitting guidance and instructions on how to adjust the CRTD4 system between its seven performance modes.

The installation guide provides instructions specific to the vehicle the system has been purchased for and it's particular engine variant, with fitting taking as little as 10 minutes in 90% of cases. Following installation our system is ready to use on its standard mode setting level 4 but can be adjusted upwards every 10 miles to its maximum power and torque mode of setting level 7.

Custom Software For Maximum Performance

CRTD4 Tuning Results

Our CRTD4 range continues to utilise our database of custom software for over 6000+ vehicle variants ensuring that our systems not only increase power and torque but redefine the performance profile of the vehicle for the best possible drive experience.

This database of software has been built over our 10 year history and separates our products from our competitors, who often provide only generic software with their systems, with this custom software being essential for maximum possible performance gains and to ensure total engine compatibility.

New External Adjustment Keypad

CRTD4 Adjustment Pad

Whilst our CRTD2 range was easily adjustable via an internal jumper mechanism based on customer feedback the CRTD4 range has been developed to now utilise an even easier external LED keypad system for switching between the vehicles 7 performance modes.

Each mode varies the amount of additional power and torque generated by the engine via the tuning system, and on diesel vehicles it can be used for greater improvements to economy. This is done by switching to setting 1 which emphasises more low range torque allowing drivers to stay in upper, more fuel efficient gears, for longer.

New FCI Harness Connection

New FCI Harness Connector

The CRTD4 system sees the change of the harness to tuning box connector from the previous 15-pin D-sub to the automotive industry standard FCI connection. This connector type is used often in engine components and accessories and is both robust and secure in its method of connection which ensures there is no disruption between data being transmitted between the tuning box system and the vehicle ECU.



If you would like to know more about our CRTD4 tuning system and the 6000+ engine variants we cater for then get in touch with one of our customer advisors today. They will be happy to advise you on matters such as installation and pricing whilst ensuring you get the best product for your vehicle and engine.