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The 7 modes explained: What do they do?

The TDI-Tuning Box is a great alternative to a remap for several reasons. One of the reasons is adjustable modes. But what are we talking about when we say this? What does each mode do? How does it affect the engine? Read on to find out...

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TDI-Tuning 7 power modes: What does each one do?

With a TDI-Tuning CRTD4 you get 7 adjustable power modes. They range from mode 1 to mode 7. This is a key reason a customer picks a tuning box over a remap, the customisation benefits. You do not have to drive around with the maximum power output at all times, you can tone it down, or turn it off all together. Mode 1 on our tuning box provides you with a slight power and torque increase. Many of our customers use mode 1 for fuel efficiency. Long motorway journeys mean you do not need the top level of power we offer. It's for this reason than modes 1-3 are considered the "Economical modes". When paired with careful and considerate driving you can expect an improvement of up to 20% fuel efficiency.

Mode 4

This is the mode that we program our TDI-Tuning Box to start with as standard. We suggest to ALL our customers to keep it in mode 4 for the first 40 Miles / 65 Km. The reason we suggest this is because modern ECUs are dynamic and it gives your vehicle’s engine time to adjust to the new map. If you have any supporting modifications installed such as an air intake system or exhaust decat, it gives the ECU a chance to adjust to the new sensor readings as well. Once you have driven the 40 miles, the TDI-Tuning Box will be good to go forever, so, you can adjust the mode as much as you like!

TDI-Tuning power modes

Mode 5-7

POWER! If you want maximum power from the TDI-Tuning Box, then mode 7 is for you. This is the largest map file we have on offer for your make/model. But, it is still safe, useable power. Mode 7 is ideal for the twisty roads in the Canyons of America or the B-Roads of Britain. It is also ideal if you’re towing or have the vehicle under heavy load. You will still see fuel efficiency gains in this mode. This is attributed to our custom maps adding “good power” across the torque curve, getting into higher gears sooner thanks to the additional power. Mode 7 is the mode our technical team spend hours and hours perfecting and refining.

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What Changes In Each Mode?

What changes in each mode will depend on what TDI-Chip tuning box you have. How many "Channels" it has, means how many sensors we are connecting to. It can range from a single channel, to quad channel, with some of our tuning systems needing TWO tuning boxes! Each mode will adjust the various sensor readings. These sensor readings include RPM (CAM), Boost, and Fuel sensors.  Each mode has been independently programmed to provide the optimal sensor readings for that power output. If you have a triple channel system with RPM, then the timing of when each map comes in is adjusted throughout the modes. A higher mode can sometimes mean that the map file can be brought in earlier in the rev range, but, it is not always the case. Our technical team generate 7 DIFFERENT map files for each CRTD4 we provide. All of these modes are different and give the vehicle different driving characteristics. If you would like to know more about the total power output in each mode, take a look at the technical data-sheet available on every vehicle. Here is an example of one for a McLaren 570s.

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