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The Best Tuning Option for the New Honda Civic

Honda Civic

Tuning The Honda Civic

As well as being the only company to have a Type-R FK2 product at launch TDI-Tuning have been developing the ideal ECU modification solutions for the whole Civic range.

A brand new 2017 Honda Civic Sport has recently visited our head office in Chelmsford. The owner of this vehicle has previously owned four Honda Civic’s and has had a TDI-Tuning tuning box on the last three. After seeing such great results from his previous TDI-Tuning products the owner was keen to experience the performance increases for this new Civic.


Honda Civic


CRTD4 Multi-Channel Tuning Box

The owner opted to have our CRTD4 Multi-Channel Tuning Box fitted. Due to his previous vehicle using the same hardware he was able to get a reprogram and a new harness to fit his new vehicle. TDI-Tuning installed the custom map for his new vehicle and the gains received are:

Power was increased from 179 to 224 Bhp,

Torque was increased from 222 to 273 Nm.

The owner was more than happy with the instant increase in power and torque and was looking forward to giving the vehicle a full test over the coming weeks.


Honda Civic


If you have a Turbo Honda Civic and want to improve its performance this summer, learn more at TDI-Tuning.com or call us on 01245 392255