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May Car of the Month - Le Voyager Motorhome

Motorhome tuning with a Chip Tuning Box

Iveco Daily (Le Voyager Motorhome) With A CRTD4 Twin Channel Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 Twin Channel Tuning Box:
Power was increased from 202 to 255 BHP
Torque was increased from 470 to 559 NM 

Motorhome time at TDI-Tuning. We recently had the pleasure of tuning this Le Voyager Motorhome. With a 3.0 diesel engine it's torquey, but, it is carrying round a considerable amount of weight! It weighs over 7 tonnes! Or if you are reading this in the USA, 15,432 pounds! All this weight means it can do with a boost in performance. Motorhomes cover vast distances on the roads to get to various scenic locations. You would not want to sacrifice fuel efficiency for a bit more power, would you?

Chip tuning box on a motorhome

Is It Safe To Tune My Motorhome?

When considering tuning a motorhome, or any vehicle for that matter, the first question is normally, is this safe? Is chip tuning my vehicle a safe way to tune? The answer is very simple, yes. It is completely safe. The TDI-Tuning box is the safest way to tune your vehicle. The reason is because it does not adjust the manufacturer set ECU parameters. The tune is stored inside the Tuning Box instead of rewritten onto the ECU. This means all the manufacturer safety settings and protocols remain unaffected. Your motorhome still has all the safe limitations in place, but, now it has more safe power available. More safe torque available.

Motorhome tuning with TDI-Tuning

How Can I Improve My Motorhome Power?

Improving the power of your motorhome is easy. With a TDI-Tuning Box the gains can be as much as 40%. This means if you are driving around in a vehicle that produces 100 BHP. A TDI-Tuning Box can take it to 140 BHP, without touching the vehicle ECU. The power is already there, waiting. It just needs tapping into. The tuning box optimises sensor readings to tap into unused power the engine has. It delivers power in a liner fashion to ensure the power is evenly distributed across the entire rev range. This means you can drive your motorhome in higher revs more comfortably. It revs freely!

chip tuning a motorhome

How Can I Improve My Motorhome Fuel Efficiency?

A lot of the motorhome owners we cater for all say the same thing. "I want more power because it feels sluggish, but I don't want to sacrifice fuel efficiency". This is exactly where TDI-Tuning come into play. Unlike a conventional remap, when using our tuning box, you can adjust the power output. Meaning if you don't want full power on the motorway cruising at 60, you don't have to have it. Using our chip tuning box also means that you can get into a higher gear, sooner. This means using less fuel. With 7 selectable modes you are in full control. Determine how much power and how much fuel efficiency you want. Sit in the middle with mode 4, where a mixture of fuel efficiency and power is available. Mode 7 will offer you the maximum power, and mode 1 will offer some of the best fuel savings. What mode would you choose?

TDI-Tuning Chip Tuning Motorhomes

So I Can Change The Power Output On The Go, What Else Can A TDI-Tuning Box Do For Your Motorhome?

A TDI-Tuning Box is a great alternative to a remap. One of the reasons why is because the TD-Tuning Box is traceless once removed. So a brand new motorhome, that's worth a lot of money, doesn't have it's warranty invalidated. A conventional remap rewrites the manufacturer software and leaves a permanent trace on the ECU. The Tuning Box houses the map file instead of it being rewritten onto the ECU. This means once the tuning box is removed, so is the trace! This is a must have for new car owners and motorhome owners. It's probably the only case in the world where you can have your cake and eat it.

motorhome chip tuning

How Does This Le Voyager Feel With The Chip Tuning Box Installed?

This Le Voyager has the Iveco Daily engine. The 3.0 diesel with 202 BHP and 570 NM torque. Our tuning box is never going to make this beast feel "fast". But it certainly does improve the drive. It feels lighter, it pulls harder, and it can venture further into the rev range. It's especially noticeable when carrying heavy loads and going up inclines. This is where the extra torque is really noticeable. More power, more torque, more enjoyment. An additional 50 BHP and 89 NM torque are unlocked from the simple install. The TDI-Tuning Box is the obvious choice for tuning for motorhomes. Do you have a motorhome in need of some more power?


motorhome tdi-tuning chip tuning

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