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Tuning Box Or Remap?

It's a hot topic! Tuning Box or Remap. We say "or" as contrary to popular belief, it is a decision, and, not a straight forward choice. There are benefits for both options, if you would like to find out what these are then you are in the right place!

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How are they similar?

The end result is exactly the same. If you would like to increase the power of your vehicle then a remap and a TDI-Tuning Box provide the same results. It's known as a "Stage 1 tune". A stage 1 tune would mean it's programmed to perform with a semi-standard engine. Some upgraded air filters and panel filter upgrades are classed as a stage 1 upgrade. A tuning box and a remap can both work with these minor upgrades. So, if the end result is the same, what's the difference?

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How are they different?

An easy way to understand this is to delve deeper into how an internal combustion engine functions. The mechanical elements of the engine are controlled by the ECU (Electronic control unit). This ECU controls all the parameters and how much fuel and air the combustion chamber gets. The manufacturer of the vehicle has determined the ECU parameters with a number of things in consideration. Emissions, marketing, and, the longevity of the engine. Consider it a dumbed down version of what it's actually capable of. A remap and a tuning box will adjust the ECU readings, making the car perform to it's true capabilities. Simple. Sort of. A tuning box and a remap are different because of HOW these ECU parameters are adjusted. The end result is the SAME. A remap physically rewrites the ECU parameters, a tuning box adjusts values the ECU receives in the first place. More on this later.

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Why pick a TDI-Tuning Box?

If you are deciding how to tune your vehicle but can't decide, use our Tune Checker. It will guide you through the process! So, why would you choose a TDI-Tuning Box? The primary reason to pick a tuning box over a remap is warranty and finance agreements. If your vehicle is still under warranty, you know by modifying it, you will invalidate that warranty. But what if it could be modified, and put back to standard at a later date? This would mean your warranty would remain intact. Well, that's the reason to pick a TDI-Tuning Box. Simply remove it, and the car is back to standard. With a remap, the ECU parameters are changed (remapped). Although this is a reversible process, the vehicle manufacturer can see in the memory that it's been changed. This makes it's detectable, and means your warranty could be invalidated. If your vehicle is on finance, and the finance company know it has been remapped, they can request the FULL balance. Another reason to pick the traceless (once removed) TDI-Tuning Box.

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Why pick a Remap?

If you modify your vehicle and upgrade the turbocharger and install a huge induction kit, your engine will not be running optimally. The ECU has been programmed to work within a certain tolerance. If you modify your vehicle and change these tolerances, your engine will not be running as it should. The ECU is able to make small changes and keep the engine running as smoothly as it can. As there have been changes in the standard engine configuration, the ECU needs to be updated. This is where a remap is BETTER than a TDI-Tuning Box. A remap will be able to provide precise adjustments based on your complex engine modifications. As a TDI-Tuning Box is designed to work with a standard engine, it wouldn't yield the same results. (Bear in mind a TDI-Tuning Box works with most Stage 1 modifications, including air filters and some exhaust modifications). If you have plans to make complex and expensive engine modifications in the future then definitely get a remap. If you plan to take your vehicle onto a track with big brake kits and upgraded anti-roll bars, intakes, and turbochargers, get a remap. If you want safe, easy to install, engine power, then pick a TDI-Tuning Box. It's that simple.

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