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May Car of the Month - 2020 Toyota Supra (A90)

Toyota Supra Mk5 Tuning

2020 Toyota Supra Pro 335 BHP With A CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box:

With our CRTD4 Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box:
Power increased from 335 to 402 BHP
Torque increased from 500 to 565 NM 

Toyota Supra: The perfect mix

You have got to love the Toyota Supra. A hunkered down drivers car with Japanese styling and German engineering. The perfect mix? We think it's pretty close. The engine is a B58 BMW turbocharged straight-six. It generates 335 HP and 500 NM as standard and is sometimes regarded as one of the best engines that BMW produce. The Supra has more BMW inside the cabin too, with the I-Drive system, the gear knob, and some other bits and pieces. It's not a bad thing, BMW make things well. It would be easy to mistake this for a BMW article, but it is all about the Toyota Supra. Although it's a joint venture, we can all agree that Toyota got something very right. The styling. Apart from the fake vents that make up 5% of the car, the styling is exceptional. The standard 2-tone wheels, the 'dent' or 'bubble' in the roofline, and the sleek sides skirts. Everything comes together to create a fantastic looking car. We haven't even touched on the F1 style fog light on the back of it!. The joint venture with Toyota and BMW on this car has been, on the whole, very successful. It looks great, it's got loads of tech and equipment, we love it! The question is, why would you change it in any way? The better question might be, why are TDI-Tuning, talking about a petrol 3.0 engine in the first place? Find out the answers to these questions, and more. Keep reading to see why you should tune the Toyota Supra 2021 with a TDI-Tuning Box.

Supra tuning NC500

TDI-Tuning and Toyota Supra: The perfect match

We aren't going to embezzle anything here, this is the best way to tune a new Toyota Supra. With a tuning box supplied by us, TDI-Tuning (Yes, we tune petrol engines too).  It's the ideal modification if you want to leave your warranty intact. You can install the tuning box at home, in about 20 minutes. With no prior mechanical expertise or tools required. It's as simple as unplugging 3 clips, and plugging the tuning box in (Most of our installs are 1 or 2 clips, so it's even easier!). The best thing? It leaves no electronic or physical trace behind once it's removed. The owner of this 2021 Toyota Supra knew what TDI-Tuning could offer. He knew first-hand the effort and work that goes into the maps. After installing the tuning box, he took it up to Scotland to drive the NC500. After the trip, it was clear the car was much faster, and much more enjoyable to drive. But how much faster?

Supra DIY Tuning Box

0-60 timed runs: TDI-Tuned Vs Standard

What good would it be to say "We made this Toyota Supra Mk5 faster with a TDI-Tuning Box" without some form of proof? Well, we did carry out some 0-60 timed runs with the draggy accelerometer. But first, a quick disclaimer: There are no other modifications on this Toyota Supra (A90). Although the owner of this one does intend to add some further light mods to the car. Such as an upgraded air intake system and a new exhaust system. Most modifications are compatible with a TDI-Tuning Box, but if you are unsure, take a look at our blog post "Can I tune my car if its already been modified". Now for the 0-60 results, and, for another disclaimer: We carried out these 0-60 timed runs as fair as possible. The same road, in the same conditions, with the same fuel and the same vehicle weight. We used a draggy accelerometer to time the runs that give us verified 0-60 times using GPS satellites. We performed 3 runs standard, and 3 modified and used the fastest times from each for the final results. If you are wondering why the standard run didn't achieve the stated 0-60 time, wonder no more. We had a full tank of fuel, and the person recording is also weighing the car down. On the day, the surface was also slightly damp. But enough disclaimers, how much faster was it? With a TDI-Tuning Box, the Toyota Supra was half a second faster! There is only one place to go for Toyota Supra tuning if you want a traceless tuning box.

Supra 0-60 Times

Toyota Supra & NC500

The owner of this Supra 3.0 B58 took the car and drove it all over Scotland across the famous NC500 route. He gave us some feedback on the tune while he was away, we were able to make some final tweaks to the tune via our app. This is a feature available on all our Bluetooth tuning boxes. OTT (Over the air) updates give us complete control over your tuning box setup. He was also able to let us know the things to look out for if you were considering embarking on the NC500 in your own car.

"Keep an eye out for Applecross Pass. It is one of the highest roads in Scotland, the views are breath-taking. It is a single-track road for the most part, with some passing places along the way. It ranges in altitude, from sea level to 9.1km, so you wont be stuck for places to stop and take some photos. If you are travelling in the winter (Off-peak) then bear in mind it is a mountainous road, so you might come across some icy conditions. Thankfully it was fine when I went. My favourite bit of the drive was from Thurso to Tongue. Following Google Maps, it will take you along the north coast. It could easily be mistaken for the Amalfi coast in Italy, you would not think this was in the UK. It was an incredible experience in the Supra and it was so much better with the extra power thanks to the tuning box"

Toyota Supra tdi-tuning box

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